Real Name: Cael Aiden Mortenson
Age: 18
Height: 5"8
Birth Place: Cinnebar Island
First Pokemon: Charmander
Hair: Lightbrown almost blonde. Short and punk styled. Long sideburns and bangs.
Eyes: Brown
Facial Features: Friendly looking- kind eyes. septum pierced. Three rings in each ear.
Tattoos: 4 Nautical stars on his right forearm
Sees Self as: Great taste in fashion. A good natured easy going kind of guy that everyone and their mum can relate to.
Is Seen by Others: As a laid back nice guy.
Sense of Humor: Playful
Temper: Does not take people picking on him well. Otherwise can work through problems with a moderate amount of frustration.
Basic Nature: Dutiful. Attentive to others.
Ambitions: Trainer Fame.
Educational Background: Cinnebar High School
Work Experience: None.
Philosophy of Life: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Habits: Spends money on unimportant items.
Talents: Communication and empathy with Pokemon. Fishing/survival.
Hobbies & Past times: Fishing. Movies - Cult/Noir/Scifi. Music - Indie/Rock/Electronic.
Choice of Entertainment: Music

Current Party:
Degan the Charmander


Real Name: Issac Neil Bowen
Age: 19
Height: 6"1
Birth Place: Cinnebar Island
First Pokemon: Growlithe
Hair: Original hair is black. Bleached to a brown. Roots are showing. Styled in a long mohawk.
Eyes: Green
Facial Features: Very punk. Tongue and Eyebrow pierced. Plugs in earlobes.
Tattoos: Ho-oh Backpiece - Traditional Japanese style.
Sees Self as: A fun guy that everyone loves to be around. Huge ego.
Is Seen by Others: A little obnoxious though not a bad guy.
Sense of Humor: Playful and sometimes people take it offensivly.
Temper: Ignorant and stubborn when angry. Becomes very closed minded.
Basic Nature: Outgoing. Forthright. Complacent. Lively and Animated.
Ambitions: No direction other than working as a trainer. "My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot"
Educational Background: Cinnebar High School
Work Experience: None
Philosophy of Life: Laughter is the best medicine.
Habits: Inapropriate jokes that angry sensitive people
Talents: Joy in life. Making friends as well as enemies fast. Brute strength.
Hobbies & Past times: Video Games - FPS and war games. Movies - Action/Mainstream/Comedy. Skateboarding.
Choice of Entertainment: Video Games

Current Party:
Bruce the Growlithe


Real Name: Tabitha Laurie Dorsey
Age: 18
Height: 5"6
Birth Place: Cinnebar Island
First Pokemon: Magby
Hair: Grey/Blue. Long and long bangs. Wavy at the ends.
Eyes: Bright Blue
Facial Features: Freckles on cheeks. Eyes are half hidden.
Tattoos: None.
Sees Self as: An intelligent young lady.
Is Seen by Others: A little cranky with some strong opinions.
Sense of Humor: Serious at times but can be joyful.
Temper: Easily rubbed the wrong way.
Basic Nature: Assertive. Self Reliant. Kindly and resourceful.
Ambitions: The Study of Fire pokemon. To get an apprenticeship with a professor of pokemon. To become a science professor in understanding fire Pokemon. Maybe discover new things.
Educational Background: Cinnebar High School
Work Experience: None
Philosophy of Life: Education is to Wisdom and Wisdom is the key to hapiness.
Habits: Twirls hair around a finger when she lies. Likes to be an hour early to everything. Workaholic.
Talents: Resourceful and a creative thinker.
Hobbies & Past times: Enjoys expensive foods and stage shows/broadway. Music- Jazz/pop/Reggae Hiphop
Choice of Entertainment: Eating out and hanging with friends.

Current Party:
Evan the Magby


Real Name: Oscar Scott Lyons
Age: 29
Height: 5"9
Birth Place: Olivine City
First Pokemon: Houndour
Hair: Scruffy dark brown.
Eyes: Grey
Facial Features: Goatie. Serious looking.
Tattoos: Sleeve done on this right arm that starts with a shiney houndour on his shoulder
Sees Self as: A person for those around him to look up to. Has trouble of letting go of the past. Hard worker and confident in the person he has become.
Is Seen by Others: As authority. An exerienced man who is well on his way to being successful in his life. Reserved and hides his past from people. Too macho to show his true feelings. If he would open up people would gladly help him out. But it is up to him first.
Sense of Humor: Finds the kids fun and sometimes joins in but tries to be a role model for them.
Temper: Quiet cool.
Basic Nature: Diplomatic. Gentle natured though stern.
Ambitions: To better himself and to reunite with his first pokemon.
Educational Background: Olivine University (Certificate III in Pokebreeding. Diploma in Battle Dynamics.)
Work Experience: Field work for Professor Oak. Gym Coordination team in Mahogany Town.
Philosophy of Life: Always leave a good impression on people.
Habits: Takes on the world on his shoulders. Protective.
Talents: Coordination and Event organisation skills. A good leader.
Hobbies & Past times: Music -Rockabilly/Rock/Metal. Volunteer work- he says it builds character to volunteer. Arcade pinball.
Choice of Entertainment: Dancing to some good music. Partying with mates.

Current Party:


Real Name: Gracie Jera Myers
Age: 25
Height: 5"7
Birth Place: Fortree City
First Pokemon: Kecleon
Hair: Short bangs and long hair pulled back in a pony tail. Light pink.
Eyes: Purple
Facial Features: Friendly looking- kind eyes. septum pierced. Three rings in each ear.
Tattoos: A kecleon on her left leg in the style of traditional japanese tattoos
Sees Self as: A strong confident woman.
Is Seen by Others: An intimidating confident woman.
Sense of Humor: Does not relate to mainstream humour or jokes though she is not a serious kind of person.
Temper: Silent and she will get you back. Amazing poker face.
Basic Nature: Chaismatic. Uninhibited . Cheerful.
Ambitions: To travel the world of pokemon. Collecting badges and becoming a pokemon master.
Educational Background: Hoenn Institute of higher learning. (Community College - Diploma in Normal-Type Training) Jhoto National University (Bachelor in Battle Types)
Work Experience: Escorting Apprentice Trainers through Hoenn.
Philosophy of Life: Live life. Never let an opportunity go by.
Habits: Sometimes forgets to think before she talks.
Talents: Normal type pokemon training.
Hobbies & Past times: Reading mystery novels. Movies- Comedy/Romantic/Action
Choice of Entertainment: Reading

Current Party:

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